You can enter the product name directly into the entry field in a shopping list. While doing it, you can use the hints provided by the product dictionary:

Also, you can click on the products dictionary icon:

and select the products you would like to be added to your list:

When adding a product you can optionally add amount:

and select a color for it:

Colors are used to group products together in a shopping list.

When you add a product, that you don't have in the products dictionary, it is automatically recorded there. So, next time you decide to add it to a list, you will be able to add it from the dictionary hints instead of typing in the entire product name again.

Also, if someone sends you a list of items by SMS or email, you can copy this list and paste it into the entry field of your shopping list. Please note that the products in the pasted text should be separated by comma or a semicolon to be correctly parsed to the shopping list format.