Products dictionary is a catalog that includes the pre-defined product names as well as all the items names you have ever added to your lists. Every product you add to your lists is automatically saved to the dictionary. To open the dictionary, tap the book icon in the text entry line in any of your shopping lists:

The dictionary can be used for the quick selection of products for your shopping list. Just tap the products you want to buy and there will appear a tick next to each selected item. Tap "Done" to add all the selected items to your current list:

When working with the dictionary, you can sort the items in it alphabetically, by color or by frequency of usage. Tap ABC, three squares or the star tab at the top of the screen to select the desired sorting.

You have only one dictionary in your application, i.e. it is common for all your lists.

If you see a tick next to some items in the dictionary, that means that these products are present in the list you came to the dictionary from.

Product names cannot be edited in the dictionary. But you can change the product color group there. Swipe the product name right to left and tap the pencil icon:

and select the desired color:

Please note that after you change a color for some product, its color will be changed in all the lists you have this product in.

You can also delete items from the dictionary. Please remember that if you delete an item from your dictionary, it automatically gets deleted from all the lists you had this product in.

When adding an item to a list, please bear in mind that the dictionary is case sensitive. And if you add, for example, "cake", it will be considered a new product and added to your dictionary despite the fact that you already have "Cake" there.