You can add products to the Buy Me a Pie! app using Siri. Say, for example, 'Hey Siri, in Grocery List add milk' or 'Add milk and bananas to my shopping list in Grocery List':

You can use an alternative (short) app name – BMP instead of 'Grocery List', i.e. "Add milk and bananas to my shopping list in BMP".

You can say the name of your existing list instead of 'shopping list'. If the list does not exist, Siri will suggest creating one. If the list's name is not mentioned, Siri will ask you to choose it from the existing ones.

Please, note that the feature is available in the 5+ version of the Buy Me a Pie! app on an iOS 11+ device.

Siri commands for all the languages available in the app:
  • Chinese: 把香蕉加到我在BMP的购物清单中
  • Danish: Tilføj bananer til min indkøbsliste i BMP.
  • Dutch: Voeg bananen toe aan mijn boodschappenlijst in BMP.
  • French: Ajouter des bananes à ma liste de courses dans BMP.
  • German: Füge Bananen zur Einkaufsliste in BMP hinzu.
  • Italian: Aggiungi le banane alla mia lista della spesa in BMP.
  • Japanese: BMPのショッピングリストにバナナを追加
  • Portuguese: Adicione bananas à minha lista de compras no BMP.
  • Russian: Добавить бананы в мой список покупок в Купи батон!
  • Spanish: Añade plátanos a mi lista de la compra en BMP.
  • Swedish: Lägg till bananer till min shoppinglista i BMP.