You can set time-based and location-based reminders.

To set time-based reminders, open the application settings:

select "Reminders":

and set the desired day and time for the reminder:

On day and time selected you will receive a push notification that will remind you to create a list. You can change the selected day and time, as well as disable the reminders any moment.

Location-based reminders setting, as well as time-based reminders, is available via the top right menu in shopping lists. Open the list you would like to set the reminder for and open its menu:

Select "Location-based" tab and tap "+ Pick a location" at the bottom:

Find a place on the map (a supermarket, for example), where you'd like to be reminded about the necessity to do the shopping. Tap and hold for a second and tap "Select":

Finally, choose when you'd like get the reminder – on arriving or on leaving:

The places already added to the reminders are saved for quick access.